Writing Week 17 Things on Week 18

Digby says hello!

I’m composing my last weeknotes a week later, at my doggie ward’s house (I’m pet-sitting this week)! It is an absolute luxury to be in a house like this, a sprawling lot near dense nature and quiet—never mind that it’s in Singapore. Yes, I get to breathe in crisp air, lookout of a beautiful view and catch some sun, but as always, there’s work to do! Apart from the house move (or rather my chucking all my things into a storage space), I have been working on a few things for my clients:

  • RightsCon is coming in June and for those of us whose proposals were accepted… We’re finalizing the line-up of speakers and coordinating with partners. For the Open Data Charter, I focused on our panel about Gender, Data and the Care Economy as well as our blog content. We welcomed our new co-chair, Wilfreda through our First Five blog series, which by the way was very much inspired by the old Friday Five list of questions that was maintained and run privately by early 2000s blogger(s).
  • For my publishing client, I had a few bits and bobs to finalize the past few weeks and have been looking forward to getting the book we’re working on published and off to the printer’s!
  • For Majurity Trust, we’re also finalizing an annual report, which I’ve been helping to write/edit copy.
  • For Permapeople.org, the team filled me in on a dev update/new feature, they’ve been working on. We hadn’t caught up in a few weeks and I missed seeing their faces. They had been coding and testing a new journal feature, to make it more fun and interactive. I can’t wait to try it out!
Weekly Permapeople.org Check-in

And finally, for the Global Data Barometer, I focused on making sure our Social Media Toolkit was ready! Have a look and join us or help us spread the word if #data is your thing.

I’m planning to write another weeknotes on Sunday to keep up! By then, I would have moved to a different spot.

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